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In order to allow for quick progression, we use different evidence based practices and treatment techniques. We utilize a combination of exercise and manual-based treatments, all of which are performed by the licensed physical therapist.


  • Manual treatments include massage, stretching, myofascial release, joint manipulation and neural tension techniques.

  • Pre and post-operative treatments include strengthening, balance and stability training, and improving cardiovascular fitness.

  • Balance training is designed to improve balance and stability by building an exercise program that will decreasea patient’s risk for falling.

  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation after heart surgeries involves performing a safe exercise program to help improve cardiovascular health and address deconditioning.

surgical procedure or injury. It can be very demanding on a person to try to complete normal activities of daily living when challenged with a physical impairment. For this reason, we offer the convenience of home care physical therapy services to our patients. A licensed physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and provide personalized treatments in the comfort of your home using the same professional and effective treatments that you can receive in our clinic.


Services at Your Home

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